Frequently Asked Questions


      • Are there any tuition-free places?

        For the call of the 2023, we will have 6 tuition-free places. Only First Round applicants will be eligible for tuition-free places (the deadline for the First Round applications is 18:00, June 30, 2023). Meanwhile, based on the academic performance, we have a  possibility to offer some Industry Scholarship covering up to 50% of the tuition. The Scholarship will be available from the second semester of the study.

      • What Specialization will be written in my diploma upon graduating?

        Master of Sciences in Statistics (Վիճակագրության մագիստրոս)

      • Are students of ASDS Master Program, who also work in industry, eligible for the tuition fee reimbursement from their income taxes?

        Yes, our students, who work in industry, are eligible for the tuition fee reimbursement from their income taxes. The Government Decree fixing the list of eligible Specializations is here, and the reimbursement procedure is described here.

      • I am from the CS/Math Department. Do I need to take an entrance test?

        All applicants need to pass an entrance test.

      • What is the program/coverage of the entrance test?

        The program of the entrance examination and also an example of the exam test is available under the Application section

      • I am already working in the industry. Will the classes be taught after the working hours?

        Our classes are from 6:30PM to 9:30 PM on working days, and also on Saturdays. The schedule will be negotiated with students and instructors.

      • Can I apply online?

        Applications are only online: please use the http://admission.ysu.am/ portal.

      • Which is the Bank Account No. to make the tuition fee payment to?

        Please find the details here.